We are Justice Vanguard, a group of passionate and hardworking students, educators, community leaders, artists and other volunteers joined together for the movement for Black liberation tackling systemic oppression head on. Many of us are young adults who have found community in one another around this cause and we’re looking to expand. We aim to continue shining light on intersectional systems of power that affect Black folks across the board and more specifically, within the Peninsula/Bay Area at large. Besides organizing protests, we also collaborate to educate local communities, produce artwork, and engage in local politics to fight for social and political change. We strive to be intentional and have organized our efforts into six components: education, artwork, political platforms, flyer and film production, research, and website/social media creation. We each have a few focuses and we all help each other and discuss as a group weekly. We need all hands on deck with protests and stand-ins to show our numbers, we are stronger together and we take care of each other. We are dedicated to connecting around the Black liberation movement, so if you’re open to helping out and joining our team, we’re looking for volunteers. Please reach out to us through our email list if you’re interested and let us know a bit about yourself, your strong suits, and how you’re interested in lending a hand.

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