Los Altos Community March (June 5th)

The city of Los Altos has been quiet while faced with a history of issues with discrimination, racial profiling, and has treated many of its minority groups extremely poorly.  Many people from the Los Altos and surrounding communities do not stand for the injustices that have been committed, but have often struggled with how to stand up and fight for change.  After racially charged comments were made by a council woman and members of the community decided to side with those comments we felt it necessary to march through the city and show that we do not stand for the way we are being treated.  

Los Altos is a very affluent and powerful community that has the power to make great changes for the residents within its city limits.  Residents of Los Altos also have the ability to initiate change that helps protect people of color in tech companies as many CEO's and other influential people reside in here.

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